Parent-Child Center 
Statement of Philosophy

Parent-Child Center is a non-profit organization founded in 1978 that has adopted the NDVSAC Ethical Guidenlines and Core Values and operates with the following philosophies:

We belive all individuals have a right to emotional, financial, and physical safety.  We oppose the use of threats, intimidation and violence to create and maintain control.

We believe victims of abuse have the right to confidentiality.  We provide services that are free and confidential.

We are commited to offering services with the highest level of dignity and respect, absentof discrimination regardless of age, color, height, weight, national origin, disability, gender, religion, race, sexual orientation, and socioeconomic status.

We value individual's ability to make their own choices and support their journey to self-sufficiency.  We provide non-judgmental services and provide information to support empowerment of individuals to free them from abuse.

We are commited to an organizational structure that reflects diversity, mutual respect for individual differences, equality, accessibility, participatory decision-making, and collective responsibility among members of the board, paid staff, volunteers and survivors of domestic violence. 

We believe that opression is the root of violence and we oppose it in all its forms including, but not limited to racism, sexism, ageism, ethnocentrism, and homophobia.

We believe that violence will end only when individuals, institutions, and society as a whole work together to demand an end to abuse.

We believe abusers must be held accountable for thier actions.  We believe individuals, institutions, and society as a whole must take responsibility for eliminating violence.