The most difficult step for you maybe admitting that you are a victim.  Please know that it isn't your fault and that help is available to you.  You are NOT the cause.  The batterer is to blame for the choices he or she makes.  You may feel trapped and alone and that things are out of control.  Talking about it may be the first step to recovery and getting your life back.  There are people who can help.  Tell a trusted friend, family member, counselor, or call us. We want to assist you in taking the important steps that lead to a healthy future.

Our services include:

  • Crisis Intervention and Referral
  • 24 hour English/Spanish Crisis Lines
  • Emergency Shelter
  • Safety Planning
  • Legal Advocacy
  • Criminal Justic Support
  • Medical Advocacy
  • Protection Order Assistance
  • Emergency Financial Aid
  • Emergency Transportation
  • Support Groups
  • VINE Information & Registration
  • Emotional Support

There is no charge for these services.